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SIR – The editor of Esquire claimed that “most Englishmen have pale, skinny, chicken legs which are not a pleasant thing to force on other people” (report, August 4). This is nonsense –my husband, an English gentleman, has great legs; they are well tanned with an excellent muscle structure, so shorts are definitely for him. I am very proud to walk with him along the beach or down to our local pub on a summer’s evening.
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https://here-is.com/drugs-that-are-free-on-prescription-fb21.pdf do prescription drugs have to be fda approved “If people really believed there was no chance of a deal, Men’s Wearhouse would be a lot lower,” said Moore of MKM. “The only way to continue to pursue it is through a higher offer. The key thing is going to be whether Jos. A. Bank will offer a price high enough that the Men’s Wearhouse board will feel compelled to accept.”

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